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Training a Growing Workforce

More and more older adults want to 'age in place'. To make this a reality, we must ensure that the caregivers who are caring for these elders are properly trained to provide the best care in the home setting. 

Recognized as the country’s premier evidence-based, multiā€level caregiver training program, Schmieding Method™ Home Caregiver Training courses are designed to properly train primary caregivers at every level, from the family member to the seasoned medical professional, on providing quality care in the home.




40 Hours

Designed for the entry-level caregiver, this course covers the basic skills needed to care for an elder in their home.

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Home Care Assistant (HCA)

60 Hours

For the experienced caregiver, this course covers advanced skills needed to give moderate to maximum assistance.

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Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia (AD)

16 Hours

This specialty course focuses on the unique issues that arise when caring for someone with a form of dementia.

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Family Care Advocate (FCA)

40 Hours

This advanced course focuses on ways a professional caregiver can be most effective in their role as part of a health care team.

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Family Caregiver:     Basic Skills

8 Hours

Designed for family caregivers, this course covers the skills and information needed to care for a loved one who requires basic assistance in the home.

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Family Caregiver: Dementia

8 Hours

Designed for family caregivers caring for someone with dementia, this course explains dementia, what to expect, and how to address certain behaviors.

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