Flexible Delivery

There is a great need for quality caregiver training, from family and volunteer caregivers to professional, compensated caregivers. Recognizing that delivery needs for this type of training vary greatly, we offer a variety of training products to meet your unique needs.


Printed Materials

All of our courses -- for certified and family/volunteer caregivers -- have accompanying hardcopy books. This includes instructor manuals as well as student handbooks. Skills videos are provided through digital access, allowing students to watch the videos from any wi-fi enabled device.


Digital Books

Many of our course student handbooks can now be purchased as digital books, allowing students to access their course content as well as skills videos all in one place, from any wi-fi enabled device.


Online Courses

There is no need to compromise quality simply because you do not have time to send your caregivers off-site for training. We offer some of our certified courses for professional caregivers as online courses, leveraging technology to provide real-time feedback for skills practice. Branding options are also available for online courses.



Caregiving Concepts

With access provided to family caregivers by facilities, Caregiving Concepts is an online library of reliable resources -- how-to and informational articles, step-by-step how-to videos, checklists, and helpful products lists -- focused on providing excellent care for an older adult at home.